Xi'an Global Printing Co., Ltd is a joint venture in 1993,which was invested by the holding shareholder-Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Co.,Ltd..
Since the establishment,Global Printing has fully carried out its creed of “Creating values for our customers;Creating welfare for our employees; Creating repay for our shareholders”, and insists on offering High Cost Performance to serve our customers wholeheartedly.
The core business of Global Printing is to provide professional packaging services to pharmaceutical producers. Our main products are folding boxes and leaflets. Meantime,we also provide relevant packaging service to our customers.
As one of the leading pharmaceutical packaging suppliers in China . Global Printing has always concentrated on “Hi-Quality” management .Enhancing the quality by combining it with environment and safety. Global Printing has obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification,ISO 14001 environment management system certification and OHSAS 18001 occupational health & safety management system certification as well as several other certificates issued by many international organizations. Therefore, the quality products from Global Printing have been used extensively for OTC products, prescription medicines, health protection products,brand new medical treatment articles, herbal medicines and cosmetic products, the choice of many brand products in China.
With breakthroughs in the traditional simple processing and technical application modes of previous printing corporations,Global Printing has made continuous explorations in the field of paper packets folding techniques ,and brought out constantly various packet patterns used for high speed automatic packaging, and some techniques applied for forge and confusion proofing ,and paid great attention to extend the region of production .From Shaanxi YongXu Innovation Service Co.,Ltd and Shaanxi Yong Xin paper packing Co.,Ltd. Established by Global Printing, the company also provides top grade craft boxes and corrugated boxes , to meet developing packaging requirements.
Global Printing will continue as always its philosophy of “Honest & Credit is fundamental , and Customers are uppermost” and its exploration for long-term service for more and more customers.