Global Printing has integrated customers’ demands while performing quality control. The company has thoroughly analyzed reasons that affect safe medication and created an advanced quality control system. With advanced technologies, talents, experience, and innovative on-line imaging detection equipment, the company has conducted the most stringent quality control process over products before they go on market by applying hidden code, plate pattern, hidden pattern, part-varnish, special-hot stamping, maximally ensuring rejection of type A defective products including white sheet, missing color, confusion and preventing products from visual defects as speck, ink skin, and scratch. It has totally removed unexpected impacts of defective products on customers and end-users.
Perfect quality assurance system has successfully ensured to get ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO4001 (Environment Management), and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health Safety System) certified. Manufacturing as per the standard procedure strictly, actively applying advanced quality control technique that can ensure product safety, paying attention to details made Global Printing to be on the top list of automatic packaging products suppliers for domestic and international pharmaceutical companies. Global Printing has already become the best honor of manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical packaging cartons recognized by customers. We are trusted by customers and set a perfect brand model for the industry. 
Quality Management SystemISO9001
Environmental Management System ISO14001
Occupational Health & Safety Management System OSHAS18001