Enterprises came from the society and will also restore to the society. As the basic economic unit of human society, enterprise must undertake other social responsibility meanwhile fulfilling its economic responsibility.
              This requests us that, when we constantly focus on products’ quality and cost, we need to pay more attention to Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Rights and Benefit, Moral regulation and other elements, keep on sustainable development, and deliver these ideas to each employee and related party who influences us.
                                                                                         Global printing donated for Project Hope primary schools    
                  1 Labor and Human Rights
                                        The use of child labor and forced labor is prohibited, we do not accept any suppliers or
                                        subcontractors using child labor or forced labor.
                                        Respect the freedom of workers and forbid any form of forced labor.
                                        Driven Salary upon working performance, respect employees' freedom to take part in any association,
                                        and respect their rights to negotiation.
                                        Provide equal and fair working environment and forbidding any form of discrimination.
           Every year, Global Printing organize variable activities involving to all aspects of employee; and in 2017, established a exclusive casual area – Global Top Joy.
                  2 Occupational Health and Safety
                                                            Global Printing promise to abbey the regulation regarding to occupational health safety other
                                        applicable industry standards and international conventions.
                                        Applying to reasonable operational means to provide sufficient and effectual training.
                                        Establish a effective emergency response system and minimize the impact throughout continuously
Global Printing held Emergency Exercise regarding to urgent evacuation, fire prevention, electric shock prevention, first-aid, etc.
                  3 Environmental Protection
                                        Environmental protection is our responsibility and mission.
                                        Abide by government Environmental Policy and others.
                                        Practicing an effectual Environmental Management System.   
                                        Continue to explore and introduce new technology, new equipment, new materials to reduce the
                                        emissions of pollutants.
                                        Hold overall energy consumption activities.
                                           Global Printing built the comprehensive treatment station of VOCs in December 2015. 
                  4 Anti-commercial bribery
                                        Obeying the rules of fair competition strictly, to guiding the managers and the related interest
                                        groups (such as customers, suppliers, etc.) to follow the law.
                                        Boycott venality, boycott benefit own wallet at the expense of public interests, boycott dishonesty,
                                        fraud and other negative and corrupt phenomena consciously, set up the good enterprise image.