Global Printing is duty-bond to undertake the responsibility of recommending appropriate forge proofing techniques to every customer and partner to help prevent name brands from violation of forgery and adulterate. Since 1999, Global Printing has never stopped the research and application of forge proofing technology, and has successively put forward various forge proofing techniques in the means of fluorescence, watermark paper, die cutting, break of strokes, plate pattern, net code, laser film, laser orientation brand printing, etc.. The laser orientation brand printing technique brought out in 2000 is especially remarkable because this technique requires very rigor processing conditions. The holographic plate making techniques that could not be reduplicated as fingerprints, very accurate laser orientation, high precision transfer printing equipment, etc. are requisite. Therefore this technique is widely used in financial and diplomatic fields in the world, for example, Euro, various credit cards, visas, etc.. The application of this technique to medicine forge proofing by Global Printing is also outstanding.